Dr. Sarath’s Dental & Orthodontic Centre

Our key challenge was- on how to integrate a relaxing office image and functionality, to reflect our highest quality dental care equipped with best technology & experienced staffs.

Our treatment rooms are intended also to provide the patient with the most relaxing facilities

Special Equipments

  • RVG (Digital Dental Radiography)

    An excellent diagnostic tool used to get much better view of one’s teeth and potential dental conditions .It decrease radiation to patient by over 80 %.

  • Fully Automatic Dental Chairs With Digital Monitors

    Dental chairs provide a platform from which a dentist can safely and comfortably perform oral surgery and examination with all the necessary instruments and functions close at hand.

  • Intra & Extra Oral Camera

    The digital image allows the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth.

  • High end LED Light cure Units

    An easy to operate and Intelligent control device, since use of LED lights reduces working time by 50 % and increases the comfort level of the patients.

  • Rotary Endodontic System

    This makes RCT a much more pleasant experience where the doctor utilizes an electric hand piece that allows him/her to clean and shape the canals faster with less noise.

  • Fibro-optic Hand Pieces

    The light emitted at the working tip will give proper visibility of the critical area in the mouth & tooth, which enables your dentist to have proper control over the cutting bur and to give precise tooth cutting (preparation).

  • Highly Efficient Motorized Intra-oral Suctions

    The suction system makes a vital contribution to practice hygiene and protection against infection. Its power motor designed for continuous suction operation eliminates secretions and blood at the same time.

    Hence, prevents the patient from repeatedly spitting saliva during the treatment and this extends comfort to the patient during the procedure.

    It also creates the good visual field to the dentist at the working site, there by the precision of the work improves.

  • Apex Locator

    An electronic device used in endodontics to determine the length of the root canal space. The root canal filling will be up to precise root length & there by the successive rate of the Root Canal treatment procedure will be very high.

  • Air Blasting Prophy-jet Scalers

    It doesn’t damage the tooth enamel like any other scalers and only removes the extrinsic stains over the teeth.

  • U.V rays Instrument Chambers

    Used extensively to destroy bacteria, virus, mould spores etc

    Patients are assured of 100% sterile instrument. Generally, it is used to store or maintain the sterilized instruments in the clinic till there next use.

  • Ultraviolet Instant Sterilizer

    Method of flash sterilization, wherein instruments are exposed to high intensity UV rays.

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